Shelly 1 with Stock Firmware


In this tutorial we will setup a Shelly 1 with Home Assistant with it's native stock firmware. 

Things you will need
  • Shelly 1 (amazon)
  • iOS or Android device
  • DC 5v 1a power brick
  • 14 to 20 gauge wire
  • Wire strippers
  • Small flathead screwdriver  
  1. How do you intend to use this switch?
    1. Power a low voltage device like a garage door opener?
      1. Change the jumper on the Shelly 1 from AC to DC. AC is the factory setting. This is important otherwise you can fry your Shelly 1 or anything connected to it if you intened to use it as DC device.
      2. Cut off the jack off the end of your DC power brick and strip back the wires.
      3. Connect the positive lead to the "L" jack on the Shelly 1 and the negative lead to the "N" jack on the Shelly 1.
    2. Power a lamp our electronic device that use AC current?
      1. Keep the jump pin to the factory setting.
      2. Find an electrical cord and cut the end off.
      3. Connect the hot lead to the "L" jack on the Shelly 1 and the neutral lead to the "N" jack on the Shelly 1.
  2. Install the "Shelly" app from the app store and create an account and then login.
  3. Make sure your are connected to your home WiFi network. From the main menu in-app click "Add Device"
  4. Input your Wifi network and type in your Wifi password so that the app can pass the credentials to the device.
  5. Tap "Save" -> tap "Shelly 1" -> tap "Join" -> this may take 1-2 minutes 
  6. Create a new room label and then tap "Add Device" -> tap "Click to Add"
  7. Create a device name, choose a room, select a device picture, and label It as a "Relay" if you are using it for low voltage. Label it as a "Light" if you using it as a AC powered passthrough device.
  8. Tap "Save Device" -> tap "No" to the Shelly Cloud prompt.
  9. Go to your Home Assistant Dashboard and click on "HACS"
    1. If you do now have HACS installed (tutorial)
  10. Click on "Integrations" -> click on "+ Explore & Add Repositories" -> search "ShellyForHass" -> Install
  11. Reboot Home Assistant
  12. Click on "Configration" -> "Integrations" -> "+ Add Integration" -> search "Shelly" -> Install
  13. Reboot Home Assistant
  14. You should now see your Shelly devices on the Integrations page. Click "Configure" on the device that you want to setup.