3. Install Some Add-ons


Let's install a few add-ons to Home Assistant.

  • File Editor
  • SSH Terminal
  • Samba Share
  1. From the Home Assistant dashboard click on "Supervisor" -> "Add-on Store" 
    1. Install "File Editor" (tutorial)
      1. The file editor will allow your to view and modify your root config folder
    2. Install "SSH & Web Terminal" (tutorial
      1. The add-on will allow 2 main purposes: allow ssh to be accessed outside of the server and install a browser GUI (Graphical User Interface) to allow access to the CLI (command line interface)
    3. Install "Samba Share" (tutorial)
      1. Samb is a very popular and universal file sharing protocol across Windows, macOS, and Linux
      2. This will allow you to access the root file system of your Home Assistant hub from another computer on your network
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