Setup a MQTT Broker


MQTT stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport. It is a simple and lightweight protocol that works on the publish-subscribe principle. and transports messages between devices. It is based on TCP/IP, however, any network protocol that provides bi-directional, lossless, and ordered connections can support MQTT. This protocol is highly useful when the network bandwidth is limited or when low-power sensors are used. (Further reading)

  1. In Home Assistant click on "Supervisor" -> "Add-on Store" -> search "Mosquitto broker" -> click "Install" -> click "Start"
  2. Go to "Configuration" -> "Integrations" -> click on "Configure" on the "MQTT" integration -> click "Submit" -> click "Finish"
  3. Open up your "File Editor" to modify your "configuration.yaml" file
  4. Add the lines somewhere in the file, update the IP address of your Home Assistant server:
    1. mqtt:
  5. Click "Save" and restart your server