Installing HACS


HACS is a thrid party plugin & repository for other third party apps for Home Assistant. This is a highly recommend addon-on to get the most out of your Home Assistant Hub.

  • Know what type of Home Assistance installation you have (tutorial)
  • Home Assistance SSH add-on (tutorial)
  • Github account (it's free)
  1. Connect to your server via SSH (tutorial) or connect using the web GUI add-on
  2. Type in the following command to download script to your server:
  3. wget -q -O - | bash -
  4. Depending on the type of Home Assistant installation that you have, choose one of the following:
    1. Home Assistant OS
      1. Go to the Supervisor panel
      2. Install one of the SSH add-ons (you need to enable advanced mode in your user profile to see them)
      3. Configure the SSH add-on you chose by folowing the documentation for it
      4. Start the SSH add-on
      5. Connect to the SSH add-on
      6. Run the HACS install script
      7. wget -q -O - | bash -
    2. Home Assistant Container
      1. For Home Assistant Container you have 2 options.
        1. Option 1: Run the installer on the host OS
        2. Open a terminal
        3. Change directory to your Home Assistant configuration directory
        4. Run the HACS install script
        5. wget -q -O - | bash -
      2. Option 2: Run the installer inside the container
        1. Open a terminal
        2. Go inside the container with docker exec -it homeassistant bash
        3. Run the HACS install script
        4. wget -q -O - | bash -
  5. After you execute the install script, reboot your server
  6. Navigate to "Supervisor" -> click on "Integrations" -> "+ Add Integration" -> search for "HACS"
    1. If HACS is not showing up in the list you may need to clear your browser cache.
  7. Accept and acknowledge the checkboxes and click "Submit"
  8. Click on the GitHub link to authorize your HACS install and login if you not already
  9. Type the 8 digit code from your Home Assistant popup dialog box into the GitHub popup and click "Continue" and then click "Authorize HACS"
  10. Go back to your Home Assistant and finally click "Submit"
  11. Don't type an "Area" and then just click "Finish"
  12. You now have HACS installed and there should be a new link in your main left navigation panel, click it.
  13. This may take several minutes for your server to download all of its repositories, just let it do it's thing.
  14. After everything sync you can now navigate to the HACS "Intergration" page and see all the 3rd party add-ons that have been built by community developers. 
Further Reading