Install SSH


SSH allows you to acces the command line interface of your Home Assistant installation.

  1. From your Home Assistant dashboard click on "Supervisor" -> "Add-on Store" -> search "ssh" -> click on "SSH & Web Terminal" -> click "Install" -> click on "Configuration" tab
  2. Type in a username and password in the config file
  3. Change "zsh" to "true"
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Under the "Network" section type "22" for host and click "Save"
  6. Go back to the "Info" tab and toggle on the "Start on Boot" and "Show in Sidebar" buttons
  7. Click "start"
  8. Click over to the "Log" tab and if all goes well you have know enabled SSH access to your server and now have a browser based GUI for the command prompt in Home Assistant 
Further Reading

If the add-on does not stay in the "start" psotion then check the logs and troubleshoot why the SSH add-on cannot start.